About us

My name is Ljudmila and I am pleased to introduce myself as a guide in the city of Tallinn. I am lucky enough to have lived for the most part of my life in this marvellous city, where you can get an authentic feeling of past medieval times while walking down the Old Town streets. My desicion to become a tourist guide came naturally – quite simple because it combines everything I am passionate about. Since my schooldays, I’ve been interested in history and languages – hobbies that match my outgoing and talkative personality. Despite being a certified guide I still discover something new about my lovely hometown every single day and I don’t think my thirst for history and languges will ever be quenched. Even though I work full time and raise three lively kids, I still could make my dream come true – to present Tallinn in all its beauty. And if you wish to be quided on foot or by bus in German, English, Russian or Estonian, I will be only very glad to do this!